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New Study: Inter-Dental Brushes (IDB) More Effective Than Floss

Primary prevention of periodontitis: managing gingivitis. Chapple et al. J Clin Periodol 2015; 42 (suppl. 16):S71-S76. Doi:10.1111/jcpe.12366

Summary: This working group systematically reviewed evidence (meta reviews and systematic reviews) for primary prevention of periodontitis via four approaches: 1) the efficacy of mechanical self-administered plaque control regimes; 2) the efficacy of self-administered inter-dental mechanical plaque control; 3) the efficacy of adjunctive chemical plaque control; and 4) anti-inflammatory approaches. The conclusion was that flossing cannot be recommended other than for sites of gingival and periodontal health, where inter-dental brushes will not pass through the interproximal area without trauma. Otherwise, inter-dental brushes are the device of choice for interproximal plaque removal. Read full article (pdf).

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