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The OraVital® Microbiology Lab - Biofilm Diagnostics™

Do you have patients with periodontal disease, bad breath, or some other evident or potential symptoms of oral infection? Take a biofilm sample and send it to Biofilm Diagnostics.  The detailed report you receive will determine the extent of the infection and will be an accurate guide for successful treatment. Our microbiologists are knowledgeable in both periodontal and caries pathogens.

DNA Analysis of Oral Microorganisms

Although there are several hundred species of bacteria present in the oral cavity, most of these are harmless and maintain a symbiotic relationship with our immune system. However, there are a number of species that are highly pathogenic. These pathogenic species are capable of causing harm to the tissues, thereby creating a serious inflammatory response that reverberates through many of the organs in the body. One alarming fact is the connection between these bacteria and cardiovascular disease; some researchers who have previously stated 'there is an increased risk' now state that periodontal pathogens may create conditions for cardiovascular disease.


Use of Q-PCR for Identifying Bacteria Present in the Oral Cavity

Q-PCR (Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a specific, sensitive, and quantitative method of accurately measuring the number of targeted species within an individual oral biofilm, as this method is able to detect even a single bacterial cell.


Tests Available from OraVital Biofilm Diagnostics Lab

BiofilmDNA™: This is a DNA analysis of salivary, subgingival and tongue samples taken via paper points and a wiping pad to provide a whole mouth picture.

This test identifies the following bacteria:

BiofilmGS6™: 6 site Gram stain analysis that provides information on the tongue base, tongue dorsum, and the 4 oral quadrants.

BiofilmGS microbial analysis reports provide Gram-stain analysis counts of the following groups:


Once you receive your patient's OraVital Biofilm Diagnostics report, you will also have the option of treating your patient with the OraVital System - the most effective, professional strength oral infection control system available.


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