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If you're looking for invaluable dental industry insider perspectives on how to elevate your level of patient care and how to build a profitable, oral medicine-focused practice, look no further than these key opinion leaders. You won't want to miss any of these free, thought-provoking webinars with live KOL Access Q&A - Click here for more info!

Stop Gum Disease in 4 Weeks! Find out how.

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Angie Stone photo and book cover Dying From Dirty Teeth

Thursday, October 20, 2016 8pm EDT:
KOL Access Webinar with Angie Stone RDH "Dying From Dirty Teeth" - register now!

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 7:30 PM EDT: "Elevate Patient Care by Improving Your Clinical & Communications Skills"

"... the STANDARD OF CARE in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease."   Dr. Dave Turchiaro DMD

"The OraVital® System is our first choice for risk management of periodontal pathology."  
Dr. Ken Southward DDS

"The OraVital System solves problems that mechanical cleaning alone cannot completely resolve."   Dr. Vassant Ramlaggan DDS

"OraVital® training was a turning point in my practice."   Dr. Poorva Parnaik DMD

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75% of your patients may have an oral infection.
With OraVital® you can help.

As a gatekeeper of your patients' health, you can now help to improve the health of your patients who have an oral infection.

The OraVital® System is a uniquely effective dental patient care program focused on the early detection and treatment of oral infections including periodontal problems and halitosis.

Featuring extremely accurate diagnostics and proprietary topical treatments, the System is highly practice- and patient-friendly: non-invasive, safe, and easy.

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Average patient benefits in just two weeks:

  • Control oral infections such as periodontal diseases and halitosis

  • Reduce oral-systemic risks

  • 76 - 84% reduction in pockets*

  • 87% reduction in bleeding points*

  • 79% reduction in breath odour*

* (data source: clinical average for 649 patients, 4-7mm pockets)

The system is highly stable, evidence-based and clinically proven through 18 years of successful application. We invite you to explore a unique opportunity to upgrade your practice and join the growing number of forward-looking professionals who have embraced the future of dentistry.

"OraVital® training was a turning point in my practice. Since then I am getting new patients asking about Perio services. My hygienists love talking to patients about perio issues more than ever because they know they can help.""

Dr. Poorva Parnaik DMD

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